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London 2012 Olympic Games



London 2012
Olympic Games

London 2012 Olympic GamesLondon 2012 Olympic Games

The Master Plan Venue Planning

With the many different events and disciplines within the Olympic Games, the challenge for the organizers is to provide facilitiesthat also have a legacy for the future. So many Olympic Game structures have been either of a temporary nature or have been neglected over the years.

This is against the principles of the Olympic movement and the London Organizing Committee are continuously showing their committment to providing the best use of public money for the communities benefit in the future. However, there are some inevitable disputes in projects of this size.

For the London 2012 Olympic Games, most of the facilities are being newly built. However, some are being upgraded and, for some events, existing facilities will be used.

In addition to the sporting facilities, there are also numerous associated structures, such as media centre and the athletes' village. Associated with the development of the games facilities are vital infra-structure developments to enable the rapid movement of large numbers of people within an already heavily congested city.

The Aquatic CentreThe Facilities

To give an idea of the scope of the games, here is a list of the main sporting venues.

Many of these are still in the planning stage and there are all the additional facilities necessary to cater for the athletic teams, the organizers, media, security and public amenities including access roads and bridges.

The budgets, were indicated, are those at the time of bidding for the rights in 2004 and many have been substantially increased. This, together with the economic recession, has forced the London 2012 Organizers to look at ways to reduce costs without impacting negatively on the games.




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