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Key features

A fexible after-sales programme created to protect your investment

Global e-Service

The new ZAXIS excavator is equipped with a GPRS communication system*. This sends a wide range of machine data to the Hitachi main server. Via the Global e-Service database, you will have remote access to all of this data. All you need is an internet connection and your Global e-Service log-in details.

Global e-Service enables you and your dealer to download and share this data, helping you to remotely manage your fleet. The online facility also helps your dealer to proactively advise you on preventive maintenance and related special offers.

The latest information on the ZAXIS excavator is available 24/7 and includes operational data, such as the number of working hours, fuel consumption figures, working modes and location. This helps you to reduce running costs, plan jobs efficiently and keep up to date with machine maintenance – to ensure optimum performance and minimal downtime.

Technical support

The professional and highly trained Hitachi service team combines the global expertise and knowledge of Hitachi Construction Machinery with your local language and culture. We take a proactive approach towards customer service by continuously training our dealer personnel, so that the available global knowledge is passed on to each individual technician in our dealer network.

Extended warranty and service contracts

Every new Hitachi model is covered by a full manufacturer’s warranty. However, your ZAXIS excavator may require extra protection due to severe working conditions or to minimise equipment repair costs. To meet these demands, our dealers offer the option of a unique extended warranty programme (HELP – Hitachi Extended Life Program) and comprehensive service contracts – the most effective way to optimise the performance of your new ZAXIS excavator.

Parts and Remanufactured Components

Hitachi offers different lines of parts and components to suit your specific needs. In addition to our range of genuine parts, there are other options available:

• If your machines have been working for several years, Hitachi can offer a second line of genuine parts as an attractively priced solution.

• For that highly demanding application or climate, Hitachi provides a line of parts with extra performance. • When you are looking for an economical solution for preventive replacements, remanufactured components are the best option.

Whatever choice you make, you can be assured of the renowned Hitachi quality and warranty to give you added peace of mind. Your Hitachi dealer can supply you with more details on each of the above parts lines.

* The GPRS communication system is standard equipment for new ZAXIS excavators, however, the availability of the communication system depends on licensing regulations in your country. Please contact your Hitachi dealer for more information or to apply for a Global e-Service account.

■■ Check each of your machines from your office – 24/7

■■ Have a remote insight into fuel consumption

■■ Check the current and previous locations and movements of your machine(s)

■■ See maintenance status and items due for renewal on each of your machines

■■ Receive e-mail notifications for any machine alerts, unexpected movements and so on

Page 15 - Hitachi_ZX290

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