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Excellent Reliability & Durability

Parallel Link Undercarriage System (PLUS)

Komatsu's new PLUS provides less downtime, plus longer

wear with up to 40% lower undercarriage maintenance

costs. Rotating bushings eliminate the cost and downtime

for bushing turns, and strengthened rollers and links

increase wear life up to two times. With PLUS, individual

links can be replaced with common track tools.

Easy Maintenance

Planned maintenance and daily checks are the only way

to ensure long service life from equipment. That’s why

Komatsu designed the D61EX/PX-24 with conveniently

located maintenance points to make necessary inspec-

tions and maintenance quick and easy.

Hydraulically-driven swing-up fan

The D61EX/PX-24 utilizes a swing-up fan with a gas

strut-assisted lift system to provide easy access to the

(side-by-side) radiator, oil cooler and charge air cooler.

The hydraulic fan has a cleaning mode which can be

used for periodic cooler cleaning.

Modular design

One of the design goals behind the creation of the D61EX/

PX-24 was to manufacture a more durable machine. This

was achieved by reducing component complexity and using

a strong modular design for increased serviceability and

durability. Steel castings reduce the number of welds,

improving rigidity and strength.

Self-adjusting idler


The self-adjusting idler

support provides

constant and even

tension on idler guide

plates reducing noise and

vibration and increasing

undercarriage life.