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Large Multi-Lingual High Resolution LCD Monitor

A large, user-friendly color monitor provides easy-to-

understand information for the operator. Excellent screen

visibility is achieved with a high resolution LCD monitor that is

easy to read at various angles and lighting conditions. Simple

and easy to operate switches and function keys facilitate

multi-function operations. The monitor displays data in 26


Multi-Monitor with Troubleshooting Function to

Minimize Down Time

Various meters, gauges and warning functions are centrally

arranged on the multi-monitor. The monitor simplifies start-up

inspection and promptly warns the operator with a

lamp and buzzer if any abnormalities occur. In

addition, countermeasures are

indicated in 4 levels to help

prevent major machine

problems. Replacement times

for required PM services are

also indicated.

Energy Saving Operation

Ecology guidance

In order to support efficient operation, the following 4

messages are displayed for fuel saving operation. These can

be disabled by the operator if desired.

1) Avoid Excessive Engine


2) Use Economy Mode to Save


3) Avoid Hydraulic Relief


4) Avoid Over Load

Ecology gauge

To help the operator perform in

an environmentally-friendly way and to minimize energy

consumption, an easy-to-read “ecology gauge” is displayed

on the left of the multi-monitor screen.

Fuel consumption display

Average fuel consumption during the day is displayed and

updated every 10 seconds.

Ecological Operation Report for Assistance



is Komatsu’s remote equipment and fleet

monitoring system. Wireless technology and a secure Web-

based application offers the information needed to make the

best possible operation and management decisions, from

location, actual hours worked, and fuel consumption to

maintenance monitoring, abnormality codes, and load

frequency, in simple to read and understand reports. The new

D61EX/PX-24 adds the following new information for fuel

consumption reduction.

• Guidance to improve fuel consumption

• Ecological operation report

• Report operation

hours by operation

mode (E, P, or H mode)

Ecology guidance

Fuel consumption display

Ecology gauge