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Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) control system

Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) control system

The HST controller monitors engine output and work load. It

controls HST pump and motor displacement to provide the

optimum speed and drawbar pull. Full power to both tracks

during turns or counter-rotation makes the D61EX/PX-24

extremely maneuverable.

Fuel Efficiency

The efficient HST control system can reduce fuel


Hydraulically Driven Cooling Fan

The engine cooling fan's speed is electronically controlled.

The fan speed depends on engine coolant, oil temperatures

and the fan will only rotate as fast as is necessary to

adequately cool the machine's fluid. This system increases

fuel efficiency, reduces operating noise levels and uses less

horsepower than a belt-driven fan.

Long Track-On-Ground and Oscillating Track Frame

Long machine track-on-ground and oscillating track frames

improve stability and grading/dozing performance.

Selectable Working Mode

P mode is the mode designed for powerful operation and

maximum production. E mode is designed for general dozing

applications providing adequate speed and power while

saving energy. For fuel reduction and energy saving, the

monitor panel allows the operator to easily switch the

working mode, depending on the work at hand.

P mode (Power mode)

With P mode, the engine outputs its full power, allowing the

machine to perform the work requiring large production,

heavy-loads and uphill work.

E mode (Economy mode


With E mode, the engine outputs enough power for the work

without delivering unnecessary power. This mode enables

energy saving operation and is ideal on hard or rough

surfaces that often cause shoe slip and work not

requiring as much power, such as downhill dozing, leveling

and light-load work.

H mode (high engine idle speed mode)

This setting allows subtle changes in load to be detected,

which is tailor-made for power-intensive work. Compared to P

mode, the engine high-idle speed is higher in H mode.