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Integrated ROPS

(ISO 3471)


The D61EX/PX-24 has an integrated ROPS (ISO 3471) cab.

High rigidity and superb sealing performance sharply reduce

noise and vibration for the operator and discourage dust from

entering the cab. In addition, side visibility is increased

because external ROPS (ISO 3471) structure and posts are not


Comfortable Ride with Cab Damper Mounting

The D61EX/PX-24’s cab mount uses a cab damper system

that provides the kind of excellent shock and vibration

absorption which conventional mounting systems are unable to

match. The silicon-oil-filled cab damper mount helps to isolate

the cab from the machine body, suppressing vibration and pro-

viding a quiet, comfortable operating environment.

Auxiliary Input Jack & Two Electrical Outlets

By connecting an auxiliary device to this plug input, the

operator can play audio from a mobile device through the

machine's sound system. Two DC 12 volt electrical outlets

provide a power source for a radio or other equipment.

Comfortable Ride with Heated Operator Seat

The operator seat has adjustable lumbar support, tilt and

an electric heater. It is easy to adjust to the operator's shape.

Also, the standard seat heat makes it possible to work

comfortably in the winter.

Two DC12 V



Auxiliary input jack


Secondary engine

shutdown switch

A secondary switch has

been added at the side of

the front console to shut

down the engine.

Rear view monitor system

On the large LCD color monitor, the operator can view, through

one camera, areas directly behind the machine. This camera can

be synchronized with reverse operation.