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Contractors World 2011 Volume 2 Issue 2
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Cat introduces more powerful motor graders.

The newest motor grader models from Caterpillar, the 140M2 and 160M2, along with their all-wheel-drive (AWD) counterparts, the 140M2 AWD and 160M2 AWD, are equipped with clean-burning, fuel-efficient engines that meet Tier  4 Interim/Stage IIIB emissions standards. Caterpillar also claim that the new models also deliver added value for the customer by lowering operating costs and enhancing productivity, operator convenience and serviceability.

Clean, efficient combustion

The new models all use the Cat C9.3 ACERT engine with Variable Horse Power (VHP), and all have a wider net-variable-horsepower range than their predecessors. The 140M2 and 160M2 have ranges of 144 kW to 181 kW (193 to 243 hp) and 159 kW to 196 kW (213 to 263 hp), respectively. Net horsepower ratings for the 140M2 AWD and 160M2 AWD are 151 kW to 181 kW (202 to 243 hp) and 166 kW to 196 kW (223 to 263 hp) respectively.

The C9.3 ACERT engine complies with Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB emissions standards utilizing the building blocks of ACERT technology. The technology combines refined fuel, air-management and electronic systems with the Cat NOx-Reduction System and Cat Clean Emissions Module (CEM). The innovative air-management system, using optimized turbocharging, works with the electronically controlled, common-rail fuel-injection system to provide extremely clean, efficient combustion and optimum fuel economy.

Emissions reduction

The Cat NOx-Reduction System captures and cools a small volume of exhaust gas, then returns the cooled gas to the combustion chamber to reduce nitrogen-oxide emissions. This is an efficiently packaged aftertreatment unit that includes a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and the Cat Regeneration System (CRS). The no-maintenance DOC assists in reducing the hydrocarbon within the exhaust stream and the DPF Particulate Matter (PM), or soot.

Under most operating conditions, exhaust heat continually oxidizes particulate matter collected in the DPF through a process called passive regeneration. However, if conditions are such that supplemental regeneration is needed, the system (CRS) elevates exhaust gas temperatures to oxidize soot within the DPF. It is designed to work transparently, occurring automatically without any interaction needed from the operator and regenerating when conditions are optimal.

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