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G-Engine - similar to ‘eco-mode’ on many machines, is designed to keep the engine running within fuel -eff icient parameters by limiting maximum engine speed. Engine speed is reduced, but at the same tme pump capacity is controlled to maintain maximum winch speed for running or lifing.

It is estimated that, when selected, this opton improves fuel consumpton by 10%. Power is provided by an appropriated sized HINO diesel engine. All engines are in full compliance for EU Stage IIIB directves. The engines feature DPR (Diesel Partcle actve Reducton system) to automatcally burn partcle mater collected by the diesel partculate flter at high temperature. Although very demanding, the EU directves engines are very efectve. Kobelco estmate that the Hino engine reduces partcle emissions by almost 90% compared to cranes equipped with current conventonal EUR Stage IIIA Engine.

Options provide versatility

Cranes in some of the Kobelco classes are used for many applicatons and can be confgured for dutes other than lifing. An option on the new CKE1100G, CKE1350G and CKE2500G models is dual pump/single pump flow. This allows the cranes to be adapted for working on lifing applicatons as well as for bucket applicatons such as clamshell, material handling and foundaton diaphragm wall-buckets.

Change is actvated from a switch within the cab or a third switch positon which allows the machine choose the best hydraulic circuit for the job applicaton.

By adding versatlity to the confguraton, Kobelco increases job fexibility thereby increasing utlisaton, productvity and return on investment.

New and improved features

The latest series has many other enhancements in additon to the engine and hydraulics. The operator now benefts for a well-appointed and more spacious cab.

A new, larger, colour touch-screen monitor with pictograms allows the operator to change setng quickly and simply. The mult-functon display unit also keeps the operator informed of critcal crane data and safe operaton. By integratng load moment indicator and machine conditon indicator into one unit makes it easy for the operator to see all essental crane operatng data.

Useful optional features include an over-swing prevention device, a machine inclination sensor, counterweight indication system, and alternatve lifing charts for operaton with full or reduced counterweight set-up.

These are monitored as an integrated function within the display monitor, so no additonal displays are required.

Transport and assembly

Transporting large cranes and assembly can often be very challenging requiring special transports and road licenses. While not overcoming all these requirements, the modular constructon of the new Kobelco series certainly makes it easier.

Base machine of the CKE1100G, CKE1350G and CKE2500G models is within 3 m transport width and weigh no more than 45 t, and are equipped with self-installing systems for counterweight, crawlers and lower boom assembly.

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A comfortable and well-equipped keeps the operator well

informed and yet in control

The well protected operators cab benefts from a large digital display monitor to show critcal informatons. Large windows give excellent visibility.

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