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What ’s New

World premier for new access platform from Ruthmann

The STEIGER T 285 from Ruthmann,made its world debut just in tme for APEX, the aerial-platorm event of the year. This professional truck-mounted aerial platorm, designed for 7.49 t chassis, features a 28.5 m working height and impressive 21.1 m lateral reach. In its base positon, the T 285 has a compact overall length of only 8.19 m.

The rigid turret, which always remains within the contours of the vehicle when pivoting, is perfectly suited for assignments in high-traffic areas or restricted access areas.

The new T 285 has the working-cage concept as on the T 330. The cage is spacious, provides unrestricted mobility and has a carrying capacity of 320 kg. There is enough room for 3 people with tools and equipment. The hydraulic 2 x 90° cage-rotation device and 185° swivelling range of the jib provide a high degree of mobility and versatlity at the jobsite.

Technical improvements made to the horizontal/vertcal jacking mechanism include the fully-dynamic automatc adapton feature. Depending on the jacking positon of the respectve jack, the advanced electronic-control system is able to allocate the ideal operatng range. Even in the most difcult and cramped conditons, easy and safe positoning and operaton at the jobsite are assured. The jacks are made of solid steel and can be used safely and efciently on sloped surfaces of up to 5°.

Almost new

Although shown at another event earlier in the year (CeMAT),for many this was the first opportunity to see the Ruthmann Steiger T 330 with its 33 m working height and 21.2 m lateral outreach. The T 330 is available on truck chassis ranging from 7.49 t -18 t (GVW) and is an ideal aerial-platorm for rental companies, gardeners/landscapers, commercial cleaners, and crafsmen.

The cage is the same size as on the T285 and has a carrying capacity of 320 kg, Total vehicle length is 8.79 metres and width is 3.9 m.

Click here for more informaton: Ruthmann Steiger T285/T330

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New software optimises earthworks and automates data management

Technology on constructon sites is rapidly increasing as durable systems are developed to take advantage of real-tme data management made possible by GPS and wireless technology.

A leader in this area, Trimble has announced a new version of its heavy and highway constructon ofce sofware for data management, data preparaton and materials quanttes takeof.

The new version features new road takeoff, data preparation and earthworks planning functionality including a new Corridor Mass Haul module. In additon, estmators can realize increased efciencies with Business Center – HCE

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