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Nine months only for multi-storey car parks!

With only nine months allowed for construct ion of the mul t i -storey car parks at BBI Ber l in Brandenburg Internatonal Airport, work is underway on all six spiral ramps at once.

Since the huge BBI ai rport project got underway, Doka has supplied the wall and floor-slab formwork for very many contract sections – to keep work moving ahead swifly and safely.

At present, 3 multi-storey car parks are under construction. They are either 144 m or 163 m long and 51 m wide, and will have space for a total of more than 8,000 vehicles on 8 levels. Vehicle access will be via ascending and descending spiral ramps with an inside diameter of 8.50 m. This is quite a challenge in terms of the formwork engineering involved. Firstly, because of the complex ramp geometry

with gradients of up to 14.3%. And secondly, because all the visible underfaces, parapets and columns have to be cast in fair-faced concrete of Category FFC 2.

Tight build-time means large formwork quantities

For the formwork, the contractng JV ‘BBI Parken APC’ is relying frmly on Doka. They are shoring the circular ramps with the ergonomically engineered Staxo 40 load-bearing towers. For the parapets and columns, the Ready-to-Use Service at the Doka Berlin Branch pre-assembled very precisely curved formwork elements. Because of the time restraints, to be more independent of the concrete’s

strength development, and thus to speed up the constructon workfow, two levels of each spiral ramp are shored with Staxo 40 towers at any one tme. As a result, more than 800 load-bearing tower frames are in service.

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Staxo 40 is a cost-efectve shoring system on this site. The lightweight H-frames are ergonomically optmised, making them very easy indeed to handle. The load capacity of 45 kN per leg is economically optmised for tower-frame superstructures that use H20

double primary beams


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New Milestone in Canal Expansion Work

Panama President Ricardo Martnelli recently witnessed a new milestone at the Canal Expansion with the flling of a segment of the new access channel that will allow the transit of Post-panamax vessels between the new Locks and the Culebra Cut. The entrance to the new channel is 1.6 km long, 218 meters wide and 9.14 meters above sea level. It will take approximately three days to fll the area up to 12.5 meters of water and to reach the elevaton of 21.64 feet above sea level, using 1.4 million cubic meters of water from Gatun Lake. [CW]

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