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Contractors World 2012 Volume 3 Issue 2
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Box culverts used as flood guards

It is a fact that most people who perish in the desert do not die of thirst but by drowning. While the scorching sun is shining from a cloudless sky it may be that far-away, an unnoticed a cloudburst happens in the mountains.

Wadis are dry river beds with steep banks that may lie dry for years or even decades. They have always been used as a preferred traffic route to avoid the rough desert for the sake of convenience.

The capital of the Sultanate of Oman, Muscat, and Şuḩār, with distance between the two is approximately 300 km. Work is underway to build an express way between the two.

Construction begins at Şuḩār and runs to the south-east. There are many places where the future express way cuts across the alluvial deltas of wadis that run down from the mountain ranges which can be several kilometres across at their widest point. These pose a direct challenge to the construction companies.

    Soil conditions are irregular, future temporal and local variations of the rivers and their force are unknown and can only be determined statistically.

A typical feature of these rivers is their varying bed load which includes all fractions ranging from giant boulders to fine sand plus any other objects that may be found in a wadi. In the deltas many wadis can be found running side by side.

A typical construction site extends over 2-3 km and employs up to 1,400 workers who are housed in camps. There are two work shifts a day of 12 hours each as work is continuous round the clock. Due to high day-time temperatures concrete work is done mainly during night hours.

A typical construction site extends over 2-3 km and employs up to 1,400 workers who are housed in camps. There are two work shifts a day of 12 hours each as work is continuous round the clock. Due to high day-time temperatures concrete work is done mainly during night hours.Concrete works and formwork

The entire carriage way will cross the wadis elevated by several meters. The sub-structure consists of parallel tubular culverts made of on-site concrete, allowing the passage of water.

The basis of the structure consists of base plates each 36 meters long and made of on-site concrete. Countless numbers of these plates are lying side-by-side to form the foundation work. Along-side the wadi and at right angles to the direction of the traffic. Slight gradients lead up on either side of the foundations, thus forming shallow U-profiles.
Work crews on several construction sites are working simultaneously now, erecting so called Box Culverts on the base plates. These are inconspicuous concrete boxes used for the construction of traffic routes world wide.

NCC Limited of Hyderabad of India is the main contractor who decided to manufacture the modules from on-site concrete.

Paschal supplied a formwork carriage, which allowed for forms of 12 m long x 2 m x 3 m wide. Total formwork surface of 80 m² with a length of 12.50 meters including excess length. Four of these carriages were placed side-by-side. The formwork system deployed for the walls and the slabs (both 200 mm thick) was the MODULAR/GE Universal formwork.

For each forming cycle the formwork panels were folded and all four carriages were simply shifted in the desired direction and aligned again in parallel fashion.

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