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200 Metre Long
Clinker Conveyor

Portlandzementwerk Wotan H. Schneider from Üxheim-Ahütte has installed a new conveyor supplied by BEUMER Group to transport clinker to its cement mill.

The 200 m long conveying system is customised to fit perfectly into the local environment. The system is completely enclosed, so no material can fall on the road or passing vehicles. Additionally, no dust is released into the air, which greatly benefits the environment, which greatly benefits the environment.

The system is completely enclosed, so no material can fall on the road or passing vehicles.    The family-owned enterprise has 70 employees and produces nine cement types.

According to technical director, Gerd Morenhoven, these include Portland cement, Portland limestone cement, Portland pozzolana cement, blast-furnace cement and Portland slag cement.

These are bagged or filled into silo trucks and transported to construction sites, ready-mix plants, concrete component manufacturers and building material traders.

The enterprise mines the quarries in the lime dell of Hillesheim. To obtain cement clinker, a coarse intermediate product is first transported into the cyclone preheater. There it is preheated and deacidified at temperatures of over 950 degrees Celsius.

The material then moves into the rotary kiln where it is burned at temperatures of around 1,450 degrees Celsius.

Due to increased demand for Portland cement we currently need to buy additional cement clinker. It is delivered in trucks to a specially built clinker receiving station

explains the technical director.

The company needed an efficient solution for transporting the arriving material to the processing site.

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