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Contractors World INTERNATIONAL - 2016 Vol 7 No 6

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Worldwide Panorama

SPMT Deliver Deep Conversion Project ModuleVenezuela

SPMT Deliver Deep Conversion Project Module

In the Venezuelan Orinoco Oil Belt, the expansion of La Cruz refinery – owned by Petroleos de Venezuela SA - is steadily progressing. As part of the Deep Conversion Project, the operating company has been continually expanding the oil production in the state of Anzoátegui, 300 kilometres east of Caracas, since 2014.

Support has been provided by Scheuerle (TII Group) customer, ALE, who recently added another 118-tonne module to supplement current refinery construction activities using the Scheuerle SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Transporter).

For transporting the 32-m long, 11-m wide and 8.5-m high module, ALE relied on a total of 40 axle lines of the proven, self-propelled modular transporter. Through the use of a so-called 4-file combination, whereby two vehicles are arranged side-by-side, this resulted in the creation of the required width to accommodate the module.

ALE easily met length requirements by using two so-called “spacers”. These are intermediate sections which are designed to be integrated in longitudinal combinations.


Michigan-based Raymond Excavating has expanded its fleet with a new five-axle, Grove GMK5200-1 all-terrain crane. USA

Raymond Excavating Adds Versatility

Michigan-based Raymond Excavating has expanded its fleet with a new five-axle, Grove GMK5200-1 all-terrain crane. Grove dealer, Walter Payton Power Equipment, supplied the crane.

Raymond Excavating has taken delivery of this all-terrain crane in an effort to respond to customer needs in the east, central and southeast parts of Michigan. Immediately, upon delivery, the crane was put to work to assist with a variety of lifting jobs, including placement of HVAC units, large concrete box culvers and installation of communication towers that stand as tall as 200 ft.

Today, all of Raymond’s nine cranes are either Grove or National Crane-branded, and president Dave Burgess said that he has relied on Manitowoc for returns on his crane investments over the years.

We count on cranes that can meet our capacity needs while being able to easily travel on regional roads in this part of Michigan.
     The GMK5200-1 delivers on both fronts: its 240 USt capacity is plenty for most of our customers’ needs and its mobility allows us to access job sites where other cranes might not.

Brandon Burgess, vice president of Raymond Excavating since 2012 and son of Dave Burgess, recalls the reliable support his company has received over the last 13 years from Walter Payton.

Our experience with Walter Payton has been that of a true partnership.
We always have good results when crane technicians are needed. Many times we can reach them by cell phone and solve a problem quickly that way, or at least buy us some time until they can get to the crane.

Manitowoc Cranes

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