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Almost 100,000 people across 182 countries have shown their interest in Contractors World International magazines. Their interest in the editorial and advertising carried has resulted in over ONE MILLION clicks for further information. From less than 20,000 to almost 100,000 registered readers is our success as we celebrate our 6th anniversary.

100,000 registered

For marketing people, digital magazines allow interaction with readers and as people leave the industry so their email address is automatically deleted so our distribution is as close to 100% up to date as possible.

Digital magazines allows us to see who is reading what so we can modify editorial content in-line with reader interests. And for advertisers, they can see just how many people are clicking on their advertisements. For data protection purposes, we do not track clicks back to specific readers although that is, of course, possible, but we value our readers too much..

READ BY CHOICE. Senior executives do not download a large magazine file if they have no interest in reading it.

NO WASTAGE. If a person has left a company or for some reason the email address is no longer valid, it is automatically removed from our mailing lists. The magazine is not left lying around.

EASY TO SHARE. Readers can forward the email to work colleagues quickly and easily. Statistics show that the total number of download requests has exceeded 150,000, indicating a pass-on readership of in excess of 50%


Reader PROFILE % based on registration data
Decision Makers
  • 41% Directors & Executives
  • 22% Senior Managers and Decision Makers
  • 34% Middle Management
  • 3% Other
Primary Industrial Sectors
  • 58% Contractors
  • 11% Plant Hire / Rental
  • 9% Consultants, Architects & Structural Engineers
  • 4% Quarrying and Surface Mining
  • 4% Government - National and Local
  • 8% Manufacturers
  • 3% Dealers
  • 3% Others
  • 58%  Europe (inc. Russia & Turkey) >51,000
  • 26%  North America > 22,500
  • 2.5% Africa >2,200
  • 3.9% Asia >3,400
  • 4.7% Australia >4,200
  • 2.6% Latin America >2,300
  • 2.3% Middle East >2,000


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