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Since the publishers started in 2010, there have been increasingly more regulations on using personal data without consent. There is some divergence between consumer and b2b usage of such data. It is not in the interest of the publishers to distribute their e-magazine to people with little or no interest. At all times we try to comply with regulations, but sometimes regional requirements make this difficult - the reason why we make it extremely easily to stop future emails.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) concerning the rules around email consent will tighten from May 2018. Contractors World e-magazines has always collected minimum information in compliance with requirements that satisfy Legitimate Interests compliance under which we only distribute emails with links to the magazine to those companies in the construction and associated industries who, by the nature of their occupation could find editorial content of interest. We have made it extremely simple (one click) to be removed from all future emails. A request to be removed is recorded so that it cannot be inadvertently used. No personal information such as gender, age, home address, mobile telephone, etc is ever requested. Information such as job title is optional.

Individuals may receive an email for the first time with a download link, if the email address was obtained:

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There are no restrictions on who may register for the free e-magazines. However, if they are outside the requirements of 'legitimate interest' as applied by the publishers, they will need to complete a more detailed registrations form which is then subject to email confirmation.


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