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Contractors World International- 2017 Vol 8 No 3





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An Award Winning Modular Living Concept 

An Award Winning Modular Living Concept

Imagine the possibility of designing an entire community including houses, retail units, schools, offices and hotels that is all created in a factory and delivered module by module by flatbed truck to prepared foundations with utilities installed.



Developments on Cold Recycling with Foamed Bitumen

Developments on Cold Recycling with Foamed Bitumen

Resource-saving technologies are more in demand than ever before. They do not necessarily have to be revolutionary.

Most times, they can be a simple adaptation of a proven system. One such examples is the Wirtgen cold recycling process that has been proving its credentials for many years – and already meets the demands of tomorrow.

Advancing technology means that it is also constantly evolving. As such, it is worth revisiting to see just what the system can deliver.



Innovative Solution to Water & Waste Handling

Innovative Solution to Water & Waste Handling

Modular concepts are being seen more and more within the construction industry. Such techniques are being used for entire structures as well as structural components.

Precast concrete has led the way in providing contractors with an alternative to in-situ construction which can be more difficult, require heavy equipment and take longer.




Preparing For The Uncontrollable

Preparing For The Uncontrollable

Nature is unpredictable, but what are the latest developments in enabling better preparation?

Increasing episodes of extreme weather and severe earthquakes, with the devastating effects they have on communities and infrastructures, are challenging Governments, Authorities, Engineers and Contractors to strengthen existing defences and search for better ways to prepare for such situations.

Technology is enabling better preparation and response to such events.




Worldwide panorama

  • Ukraine: 20 Skid-steer Loaders for Municipalities
  • Italy - Spain: Two New Self-Propelled MSPE Trailers
  • Australia: JASO cranes hit the skyline in Canberra
  • United Kingdom: Gantry Lift for Replacement Rail Bridge Deck
  • United Kingdom: Seabed Project On World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm
  • United Kingdom: Longest Steel Girder Structure In History
  • Austria: Mobile Crushing Technology At 2,800 m Above Sea Level
  • Saudi Arabia: High Reach In Demand At Refinery and Terminal Project
  • Australia: Kick Starting Major Infrastructure Project



The world's leading magazine for the construction and related industries.
Each issue read by over 100,000 professionals across 180 countries.


Changing Equipment Acquisition Strategy Improves Total Operation

USA: Changing Equipment Acquisition Strategy Improves Total Operation

Servicing the landscaping and construction markets of Central New Jersey and South Pennsylvania, USA, Britton Industries is a leading producer of natural and dried mulches, screened topsoil, leaf compost and aggregate products.

The company operates a full wood product recycling centre as well as a concrete recycling centre—making crushed concrete for fill, as well as decorative stones and other products.


Three New Traction Elevators For Industrial Environments

Three New Traction Elevators For Industrial Environments

With the launch of a new series of traction elevators for use in challenging industrial environments, Alimak Hek now offers one of the world’s most comprehensive industrial elevator product portfolio with both traction and rack-and-pinion drive technology. From a basic concept, the company is able to configure a wide range of car sizes and capacities – for both non-hazardous and Ex environments to meet exact customer requirements..


Innovative Slope Management Concept

Innovative Slope Management Concept

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich ( ETH Zurich) is building a new research and laboratory building.

The seven-storey building with a floor space of approx. 21,000 m² will be operational in three years. The complex will comprise office workplaces, seminar rooms, laboratories and restaurants.



Flat Roof Restored Efficiently

Flat Roof Restored Efficiently

Temple Quay in Bristol, UK, a large multi-tenant commercial building, has recently undergone flat roof refurbishment using Pitchmastic’s Roofshield PmB waterproofing system.

The existing roof had been the source of several leaks, therefore, a long term solution was needed that allowed all the plant and equipment plinths on the roofs and walkways to be encapsulated in order to stem the leaks.



Other Articles

HDPE Pipe Recycled Resin Maintains Structural Integrity

  • Malaysia: Monolithic Building System For Rapid House Construction
  • HDPE Pipe Recycled Resin Maintains Structural Integrity
  • Technology Aids Severe Weather Warning
  • Water Under Your Control




A supplement dedicated to detailing important new plant, equipment and products from around the world

  • BSP And Colets Collaborate on New Piling Rig
  • New Excavators from CASE Push Productivity to New Levels Refurbishing
  • Tesmec High Speed Wiring Unit
  • Innovative Hybrid-Electric Horizontal Drill Halves Fuel Consumption
  • Hitachi Introduces Unique Engine Sensors
  • Engine Receives EU Stage V Emissions Standard Certification
  • Kubota Engines Shares Future Vision And Stage V Strategy
  • Hatz Presents H-Series Diesel Engines
  • A Hydraulic Drill Feed System Component Kit
  • Highly Efficient LED Explosion-Protected Emergency Luminaires
  • Flat Top Tower Crane Boasts 80 m Jib And 20 t Maximum Capacity
  • Compact, Lightweight Mobile Compressors
  • Introducing calibration-free tilt compensating GNSS
  • Thompson Pump Innovative Control Panel
  • Latest Crusher Innovations from McCloskey
  • New Impactor From Rockster
  • Purpose-Built Pipelayer-Ready Crawlers
  • Visedo Powers Novel Hydrogen Street-Sweeper
  • Instarmac launch new multi-surface primer
  • New High Performance Glazed Screen Technology
  • New LED Blizzard Warning Light Ensures Safety
  • New Wheeled Loaders And Wheeled Excavators
  • Pedestrian Ramp Provides Innovative Solution
  • Accreditation For Vinyl Sheet Piling
  • Electrically-Driven Dredge Pump
  • New Line of Vinyl Ester Coatings




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