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Contractors World International- 2018 Vol 9 No 1




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Contractors World International Vol 9 No 1



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Contractors World International
Vol 9 No1


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Potholes - Fighting A Losing Battle 

Potholes - Fighting A Losing Battle

  Around the world, in countries, both advanced and developing, potholes are a continuing hazard impacting on safety and the smooth transport of vehicles - commercial and private. Apart from the economic loss in longer delivery times and vehicle damage, the ongoing road repair costs are significant.

New Spray Injection Patching Service

Eurovia Specialist Treatment (EST) is launching a new Spray Injection Patching (SIP) service to clients looking for alternative low-cost solutions to large-scale pothole problems.

Bituchem Repair InnovationsBituchem Repair Innovations

BituChem has a variety of surface treatments and techniques for road repairs, including ‘Airpatch’ - an innovative bespoke highway emulsion used in conjunction with the mobile patch repair systems of local authority teams or contractors.

Speed And Efficiency Sees Velocity Win The BBC’s ‘Pothole War’

Speed And Efficiency Sees Velocity Win Pothole Challenge

The team from Reece Group firm, Velocity, was invited to go head-to-head in the battle against potholes.

     Velocity put their expertise to the test under the watchful eyes of an expert panel to determine the best way to tackle the potholes that frustrate drivers nationwide.

Permanent Cold Asphalt Pothole Repair

EZ Street’s unique polymer modification and revolutionary production design enables The cold patch asphalt to perform long term, much in the same way you could expect from hot asphalt.

Recycled Plastic for Road Repairs

Recycled Plastic for Road Repairs

MacRebur Ltd produces a range of asphalt additives that are made from recycled plastic. Three products - MR6, MR8 and MR10 - are patent pending, high performance, asphalt binder additive.

Building Façades That Think For Themselves

  Building Façades That Think For Themselves

Auto-reactive facade ventilation saves energy

Imagine high-rise, modern structures with many square metres of glass being able to controls energy by opening and closing automatically as temperatures change. This is a principle that has been used for greenhouse ventilation for many years. A German architect asked the question

“If it works for greenhouses then can the system be developed for commercial buildings?”

  Finland: Dust Suppression at
Challenging Demolition Site

There is a number of listed buildings in this city centre and valuable real estate, traffic and people nearby which all bring challenges to the demolition work for demolition work between protected buildings. Apart from the demolition challenge, the contractors had to minimise dust.

India: Massive High-Rise Concrete Pumping Challenge

  India: Massive High-Rise Concrete Pumping Challenge

The Supernova Spira Project in India is an iconic tower, which is India’s tallest mixed use development having 80 floors which stands at 300 meters.

The complex is offering mixed use development and Residential, Service Apartments, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Office Spaces and Recreational Centres.

United Kingdom: $2bn Upgrade Makes Progress

  United Kingdom: $2bn Upgrade Makes Progress

The UK’s biggest road construction project marks its first full year of work. Ground progress on the A14 Huntingdon to Cambridge road improvement scheme is being upgraded to three lanes in each direction, including a brand new 27 km (17 mile) bypass south of Huntingdon, with four lanes in each direction between Bar Hill and Girton.


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USA: Articulated Truck And Scraper Puts Bypass Ahead Of Schedule

   USA: Articulated Truck And Scraper
Puts Bypass Ahead Of Schedule

The 13-person excavating crew from C.J. Moyna & Sons, Inc. has 240 working days to move 918,000 m³ (1.2 million yd³) of earth at the Southwest Arterial, an Iowa Department of Transportation bypass around Dubuque.

No problem. Dan Harwick, project superintendent, C.J. Moyna & Sons said:

“So far, we’re ahead of schedule. We were allotted 240 days. We will finish way before that, depending on the weather, of course. The early completion date is definitely because of the type of equipment we’re using. We’re able to move a lot of dirt—fast and efficiently.”

The crew is using five Mobile Track Solutions (MTS) Articulated Truck and Scraper Pull Pan Combinations, in which a Cat 745 Articulated Truck chassis is converted from a dump body configuration to a scraper power unit.


Milestone Reached For Large Suspension Bridge

   Norway: Milestone Reached For
Large Suspension Bridge

Less than two months after arrival on a ship from China, the 30 bridge deck segments of the Hålogaland Bridge are now in place.

The lifting of the bridge deck segments took the construction crew one month to lift and lock.

Already dubbed “the most beautiful bridge in the world” by local residents and engineering aficionados alike, the Hålogaland Bridge crosses the deep waters of Rombaksfjorden in the municipality of Narvik in northern Norway.


AUSTRALIA: Virtual Reality Training

   AUSTRALIA: Virtual Reality Training

Virtual Reality Training WorksiteVR Quest: A Leap Forward in Personnel Induction at Rio Tinto’s Oyu Tolgoi Mine

Immersive Technologies developed a series of WorksiteVR Quest virtual reality scenarios designed to facilitate a blended learning model in conjunction with eLearning and practical activities.

Essential mine site inductions are necessary , unfortunately, they are all too often dry, boring, and forgettable.

UK: Innovations from Leading Contractor

UK: Innovations from
Leading Contractor

As contractors face ever more demanding challenges in the safe, efficient delivery of major projects at the lowest possible cost.

To achieve higher efficiency, increase productivity, improve health and safety on site and maximise use of appropriate technology as it comes on stream, companies such as the Amey Group need to continually invest in R&D programmes.

USA: No 1 Choice At Bridge Elevation Project

USA: No 1 Choice At Bridge
Elevation Project

An American Cranes’ S-60 stiffleg derrick is powering operations for the elevation of the Bayonne Bridge in New York, enabling much larger container ships to pass underneath. The unit was chosen because of its incredible lifting capabilities.

Canada: New Crane for New Champlain Bridge

Canada: New Crane for New Champlain Bridge

A Linden Comansa 21LC550 tower crane is working on the construction of the main pylon of the new structure that will replace the damaged Champlain Bridge.

Open since 1962, the Champlain Bridge in Montreal is one of the city’s main road links and Canada’s busiest bridge, with an average of 136,000 crossings per day.

Worldwide Panorama

  • Greenland: Blasted Mountains Provide Stones For New Runways
  • Germany: Innovative Vögele Technology Pays Off
  • Australia: Biglift Transfers A Trifecta 145T Vessel With Ease
  • Uruguay/Argentina: Dredging for Canal Maintenance
  • United Kingdom: Innovative Remediation Technique
  • Australia: Heidelberg Track Duplication
  • Saudi Arabia: ACT Crane & Heavy Equipment Takes 10 More
  • Egypt: Lahmeyer Expertise For The World’s Biggest Solar Park
  • Austria: Fascinating Crane Backdrop In Vienna

United Kingdom: World Famous Landmark Undergoes Extensive Renovation

The iconic Elizabeth Tower which houses the famous clock and Big Ben - the bell that chimes the times is undergoing extensive refurbishment.

Part of the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) is the first stage of a multi-billion dollar total refurbishment which will require members of Parliament vacating the building for several years.


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