Komatsu D155AX-8 Dozer - page 5

Secondary Engine Shutdown
A secondary switch is at the side of
the front console to shut down the
Hydraulically Driven Cooling Fan
The engine cooling fan rotation speed is electronically
controlled. The fan rotation speed depends on engine coolant,
powertrain oil and hydraulic oil temperatures. The higher the
temperature the higher the fan speed. This system increases
fuel efficiency, reduces the operating noise levels and requires
less horsepower than a belt driven fan. The fan is manually
reversible by the operator for periodic cleaning.
Komatsu Auto Idle Shutdown
Komatsu auto idle shutdown automatically shuts the engine
down after idling for a set period of time to reduce
unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. The
amount of time before the engine is shutdown can be easily
programmed from 5 to 60 minutes.
Heavy-Duty High-Pressure Common Rail (HPCR)
Fuel Injection System
The system is designed to
achieve an optimal injection
of high-pressure fuel by
means of computerized
control, providing close to
complete combustion to
reduce PM emissions. While
this technology is already used in
current engines, the new system uses high
pressure injection, thereby reducing both PM emissions
and fuel consumption over the entire range of engine
operating conditions. The Tier 4 Final engine has advanced
fuel injection timing for reduced fuel consumption and lower
soot levels.
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